Sounding waters - tama river, tokyo (2018)

12-channel audio installation composed of underwater recordings captured from beneath each bridge along the Tama River which runs through the Western region of Tokyo. The river waters, tidal flats, and flood plains of this tributary provide an important land-water interface that supports a diverse range of industry, wildlife, transportation, and human activity made audible through the installation. The recordings were made in the year following the 2011 Tohoku Earthquake and Tsunami. 

Speakers are suspended from “floating” overhead panels at coordinates in space which correspond to respective geographic locations of the recordings, rendering a composite "sound path," referring to the river waters. The composition is treated in a way that sweeps gradually back-and-forth from the highest to lowest audible frequencies captured. 

Sounding Waters encompasses an interest in water that includes its sonorous qualities in rivers and other bodies, locally and internationally.

Produced and presented with support from the Ontario Arts Council.

Documentation from The Living River Project exhibition (Art Gallery of Windsor, Ontario)